HUMAN Resources

Our team includes a multidisciplinary and professional staff of more than ten nationalities.

DOMINUS strategy is based on the technical solvency of the professional team of the company, and of those who demonstrate extensive experience in project management at local, regional, national and international level.

We have a dynamic and multidisciplinary team with wide experience in European project management for public administrations, international cooperation, innovation management, business consulting, event organization and training.

DOMINUS human capital consist of an ideal structure in order to offer solutions tailored made to the customer needs and his expectations providing high value-added services in the field of the European project management.

DOMINUS is also based on an institutional cooperation network made up of different entities for carrying out its activities, as well as on its network of external professionals – “experts” who usually collaborate with our entity. Most of them are personalities with recognized academic and professional prestige belonging to prestigious universities, research centers and institutions.