1. International technical assistance and framework contracts

We are working directly with Multilateral Agencies providing the development assistance worldwide, through the financial instruments which are to ensure the quality and effectiveness of development cooperation.

In a more proactive manner in the development field we are working for fostering governance and economic and human development tackling universal problems reflected in the Millennium Goals.

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS is working with the main multilateral organizations (European Commission, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, etc.) for the identification and monitoring of the needs for action.

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS has successfully managed various technical assistance projects of important economic magnitude in recent years all over the world. The most successful cases are:

  • Secondary Education Reform in El Salvador, worth 1.4 million EUR.
  • Public Administration Reform in Romania.
  • Public Administration Reform in Bulgaria.
  • Harmonization of Mercosur Balance of Payments.
  • Implementation of projects in more than twenty countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Eritrea, Georgia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Bangladesh.


2. Consulting for grants and fundrising

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS advises local and regional public bodies for submitting project proposals for obtaining grants and European funding. The subsequent implementation of these projects aims to promote development through different European instruments, taking advantage of the possibilities that ERDF, ESF, Europeaid Program, etc. offer. Among these programs are:

  • European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)
  • Operational Program for Cross-border Cooperation: Spain–Portugal (POCTEP)
  • EuropeAid
  • Cross- Border Cooperation Program: Spain – Morocco (POCTEFEX)

We express our common determination to cooperate in achieving the 5 main objectives set by the Europe 2020 Strategy for Jobs, R&D, Climate Change and Energy, Education, Fight against Poverty and Social Exclusion fields.

3. Technical assistance and european project management

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS is actively involved in project management providing added value through:

  • Coordination of international partnerships
  • Relations with Managing Authorities
  • Economic and technical justifications
  • Socio-economic studies and analysis

It is worth stressing that such services are provided to numerous Spanish and European local public entities.

4. Monitoring and evaluation of public policies

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS offers project monitoring services. This monitoring consists in observing the actions that are being developed within the management period of the implementation of the projects.

Its main purpose consists in providing the information to all stakeholders involved about the implementation state of the project and verifying the extent to which the activities are being undertaken and the results and objectives achieved.

Together with the monitoring services, the project impact assessment and analysis are also carried out. Evaluation means to appreciate, systematically, on the basis of scientific methods, the real effects in a specific field of social life and the physical environment of a project or program, or a set of lines of action, its conception, implementation and results.

5. Control and verification of structural funds

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS offers the implementation service of the control operations of co-financed projects. The service consists in performing monitoring and follow-up controls on a representative sample of projects and fund managing bodies in order to determine and assess the administrative procedure and other management methods used.

It deals with strategic and operational advisory services on the organization and management of the administrative and financial relations with the Managing and Certification Authorities of Structural Funds Programmes.

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS provides the support service for technical and administrative project management. The support services for management include all tasks required for attending different institutions with responsibilities in the areas of planning and coordination of economic policies in their own programming, management, monitoring, control and evaluation tasks.

6. Training and human resources

S.I.C.I. DOMINUS started its training activity in order to facilitate and promote the labor market placement of future workers. Our training area, through the Business Technical Training Center DOMINUS, is specialized in the professional qualification of the Human Resources of private and public companies in different fields of activity.

Since 1995 S.I.C.I. DOMINUS is an approved Collaborating Center of Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha Regional Governments, implementing different occupational vocational training programs.

Our centers have extensive experience in occupational vocational training, overcoming 60% of job placements for students who choose to train with us. The training offer is addressed both to the training for a first job placement, as to recycling and qualification of active workers, and to any person in general who wants to improve his/her skills, seeking specialization which helps you to achieve your working objectives. In the implementation of training programs for unemployed workers, the Human Resources department completes training session with job placement of the student.

SICI DOMINUS offers training in the following areas:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Company Strategic Consulting
  • Business and Management
  • Internationalization of SMEs
  • Foreign Trade
  • Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Finance
  • Architecture, Restoration and window-dressing
  • Tourism and Hotel Business
  • E -Commerce
  • E -Learning
  • Nursing

Thanks to an excellent professional team SICI DOMINUS has developed a wide and diverse experience in the implementation of training actions.