Majadahonda City Council’s Development Cooperation Evaluation

S.I.CI. Dominus has been awarded with the project “Technical Assistance in development cooperation for calls 2016-2017 and awareness campaigns” by the City Council of Majadahonda.

The contract provides for the calls 2016 and 2017, on the analysis of the documentation submitted to the annual call for grants for the area of development cooperation: the assessment and ranking of tenders to projects, monitoring of subsidized projects, the evaluation of the results obtained with these grants through the technical evaluation and financial accounting and administrative assessment of the various actions once completed, the provision of support and advice to local technicians and subsidized organizations and the implementation of annual awareness campaigns in local schools.

Our team of in house experts will implement, among other tasks, the tenders assessment and ranking, projects monitoring and evaluation (M&E), awareness campaigns, and elaboration of guidelines and annual reports.