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SICI Dominus to contribute to the “Reform of the enabling business environment” assessment in Jordan

SICI DOMINUS is commissioned, together with AARC, to conduct an assessment of the sector budget support programme third, fourth and fifth tranches, “Reform of the enabling business environment” for the EU Delegation to Jordan. The EU Support to the Private Sector Development in Jordan programme aims to contribute to Government efforts to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the private sector. It seeks to promote the development of innovative sectors and markets that are relevant in a green and low-carbon economy, notably […]

SICI DOMINUS attends the Forum “Cities and Regions for Cooperation Development” in Brussels

SICI DOMINUS is present at the Forum “Cities and regions for development cooperation”, held on 4-5 February 2019 in Brussels, and organized by the European Commission and the Committee of the Regions. This forum aims to strengthen the dialogue between the EU institutions and Local and Regional Authorities from both Europe and partner countries. The Forum is a space for dialogue between local authorities, institutions, academics and professionals to produce recommendations to the European institutions, to enrich their policies and […]

Design of the Social Protection System (SPS) – Republic of Paraguay

SICI Dominus, commissioned by the European Union Delegation to Paraguay, has provided technical assistance to the Government of Paraguay (GoPY) for designing the Social Protection System (SPS).                 This is a historic opportunity for Paraguay to move further in social inclusion through this participatory process. This social-protection system has been developed by the Government’s Social Cabinet and supported by the European Union. On 17 January 2019, this design of the Social Protection System […]

SICI Dominus participates in a project aiming to improve Uganda’s Public Finance System

Within the Framework Contract BENEF 2013 of the European Union, a team in which experts from SICI Dominus participate has been selected for the execution of the project “Pre-feasibility and feasibility appraisal of the successor Program to Uganda’s 3rd Financial Management & Accountability Program (FINMAP III)” The general objectif of the project is to contribute to the timely appraisal and approval of an efficient, effective and sustainable program to implement Uganda’s PFM Reform Strategy during the fiscal years 2018/19 to […]

Nutrition: Support to the National Institute of Statistics and Demography in Burkina Faso

Within the Framework Contracts EuropeAid BENEF 2013, SICI Dominus has been awarded the project “Support to the National Institute of Statistics and Demography for the implementation of a database and analytical plans” in Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso, like many other countries in sub-Saharan Africa, faces a worrying nutritional situation. According to WHO data, acute malnutrition and chronic malnutrition reach 7.6% and 27.3% respectively. These data are very high despite supposing a slight improvement during the last decade. To combat this […]

Strengthening of the local Public Administration of Turkey

Within the Framework Contracts EuropeAid BENEF 2013, SICI Dominus has been awarded the project “Technical Assistance for the Preparation of a Needs Analysis and the Action Document for Reinforcing the Financial Management and Control System in Local Administrations in line with International Standards” in Turkey. Strengthening public financial management and control system is also prioritized in many national plans, programmes and strategies. Besides central government bodies there are different types of local authorities in Turkey: 30 Metropolitan City Municipalities, 519 […]


El 22 de mayo se publicó en el Boletín Oficial del Estado la Resolución de 18 de mayo de 2017, de la Secretaría de Estado de Presupuestos y Gastos, por la que se conceden ayudas de la segunda convocatoria para la selección de Estrategias de Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible e Integrado (DUSI) que serán cofinanciadas mediante el Programa Operativo FEDER de crecimiento sostenible 2014-2020, convocadas por Orden HAP/1610/2016, de 6 de octubre. En el Anexo I de la Resolución figura el […]

Majadahonda City Council’s Development Cooperation Evaluation

S.I.CI. Dominus has been awarded with the project “Technical Assistance in development cooperation for calls 2016-2017 and awareness campaigns” by the City Council of Majadahonda. The contract provides for the calls 2016 and 2017, on the analysis of the documentation submitted to the annual call for grants for the area of development cooperation: the assessment and ranking of tenders to projects, monitoring of subsidized projects, the evaluation of the results obtained with these grants through the technical evaluation and financial […]

S.I.C.I. Dominus enhances EU Higher Education Visibility in Malaysia

The European Higher Education Fair Malaysia 2016 was held in Kuala Lumpur, on the 12th and 13th March 2016 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). The Fair, the fourth to be held in this project series (following EHEF Vietnam 2014 and EHEFs in Kazakhstan and China, 2015), brought together 100 exhibitors (higher-education institutions and national-level representations) from across the European Union to showcase study opportunities in Europe to students interested in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level programmes. The 3rd […]

Iraq: Skill Gaps Filled on IT Operation and Maintenance

In many ways, solving a skill gap is like solving a puzzle. Not only do we have to make the pieces fit, but we have to make sure we have all the necessary pieces from the get-go. That includes a list of the required skills and competencies for each job role, assessment of what we have versus what we need, identification of high performers and best practices, necessary training, and measurement of results. The Technical Assistance Team of SICI Dominus, […]