SICI Dominus to contribute to the “Reform of the enabling business environment” assessment in Jordan

SICI DOMINUS is commissioned, together with AARC, to conduct an assessment of the sector budget support programme third, fourth and fifth tranches, “Reform of the enabling business environment” for the EU Delegation to Jordan.

The EU Support to the Private Sector Development in Jordan programme aims to contribute to Government efforts to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the private sector. It seeks to promote the development of innovative sectors and markets that are relevant in a green and low-carbon economy, notably education services, green technologies and creative industries, whilst also upgrading the competitiveness and sustainability of more traditional sectors. On one side it supports the Government to improve the enabling environment and incentive reforms as set in the Jordan 2025; on the other side it facilitates increased investment and competitiveness at the enterprise level through enterprise capacity building and through promoting quality investment – both domestic and international.

This assignment relates only to the Budget support component. Budget support in the form of a Sector Reform Contract Reform of the enabling business environment supports part of the reforms included in the Vision 2025, which were identified to be the most relevant and feasible in contributing to the achievement of the EU programme’s goals: ‘employment’, ‘trade and competitiveness’, ‘business climate’ and ‘small business’

The project starts in February 2019.

The purpose of the assignment is to advise the EU Delegation on the release of the payments attributed to the results and to assess the progress in meeting the set targets under the third, fourth and fifth tranches of the Sector Budget Support programme “Reform of the Enabling Business Environment”.

The specific objective of the assignment is to develop a clear assessment of Jordan’s achievement of the 3rd, 4th and 5th tranche’s specific reform benchmarks.


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