Strengthening of the local Public Administration of Turkey

Within the Framework Contracts EuropeAid BENEF 2013, SICI Dominus has been awarded the project “Technical Assistance for the Preparation of a Needs Analysis and the Action Document for Reinforcing the Financial Management and Control System in Local Administrations in line with International Standards” in Turkey.

Strengthening public financial management and control system is also prioritized in many national plans, programmes and strategies.

Besides central government bodies there are different types of local authorities in Turkey: 30 Metropolitan City Municipalities, 519 Metropolitan District Municipalities, 51 City Municipalities, 400 District Municipalities, 397 Provincial Municipalities, 51 Provincial Special Administrations, 18.143 villages (Directorate General of Local Administrations’ 2014 Data). According to Directorate General of Public Accounts data, total amount of annual public expenditures made by local administrations was €31.5 billion in 2014. Therefore, local administrations account for nearly 12.3% of total public expenditures.

A sound public finance management in local administrations requires good governance processes and methods to maintain local administrations to perform their financial and non-financial activities with due diligence for transparency, effectiveness, efficiency and economy, allocate resources in line with people’s needs and preferences, perform services in a cost-effective manner and be accountable for any kind of management failures.

The specific objective of this assignment is preparation of a needs analysis and the Action Document for reinforcing the financial management and control system in local administrations in line with international standards.

The project will start in March 2017 for a duration of one year, during which a delegation composed of a Team Leader (SICI Dominus) and an Expert in Local Administration (Ecorys) will be based in Ankara, capital of Turkey.